Study IX in Kindness by cerphantesI’m in my 40s, which has a surprising benefit — I seem to understand systems thinking better than ever before.

Life has been a bit rough the past few years. Rough and great, full of the kind of learning that comes only from the school of emotional hard-knocks.

I have a kid. And a dog. *And a house, at least for now. A job, friends, family, health, mobility, brain function, at least for now. I come from a middle class, Ashkenazi Progressive Liberal Jewish background, I have a master’s degree in Community Health Education (with honors, I will mention). I’ve been told I’m a good friend, great with children, fun-loving and, as hard as it can be for me to believe at times, “good-looking.”

So, what’s this blog about? (Glad you asked!) It’s about my perceptions of the interconnectedness of health, socioeconomic factors, psychology, spirituality and self. Compassion, non-judgement and mindfulness are my guiding principles. My religion/philosophy is part Judaism, part Buddhism, part Carl Sagan. Having carried a larger-than-average amount of adipose tissue for the majority of my life informs me in myriad ways. I’m not ashamed to say I’m fat, and I’m starting to notice a bias in myself toward fat people and the people who love them (lucky for me, my daughter fits in the second category).

I’m here in this space to cultivate my voice as a writer. Not necessarily for professional reasons, but because I think my voice has a place (and I think yours does, too — that’s how I roll). I may want to at some point be a “writer” in a columnist/opinion sort of way, but not a regular gig. In the long run, I would like to be a published author, but if I die before that happens, I wouldn’t be terribly sad on my deathbed. I don’t have a bucket list. I’m really much more about the present moment, and feel that for most of us, if we have a legacy, it’s how we act in this moment, and the next one, and the next. I’m a big believer in g’milut chasadim, acts of loving-kindness.

I will be writing about public health. And politics. And intersections. And being a mom.

* I miss my dog Lucy. She was one of the greatest dogs to ever have lived. Her memory is a blessing.

If you want to contact me, you can let me know by leaving a comment, where your email address will be captured but not published, and I’ll email you back.


One response to “About

  1. Just found your blog and love it! I look forward to spending more time reading it.
    Signed, another liberal, Jewish, public health focused blogger on the other coast determined to shift the publics thoughts on healthy eating.

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