On the verge of something…

Where I live, the crocuses (croci?) are blooming, pushing themselves out of the ground. But we are in for a week of rain, and I feel like crawling back into bed. I’m just very tired.

Iphoto of a crocus from wikipedia

Photo by Réginald Hulhoven

I’m also aware of a desire to do many things. And I have many things to do. But mostly, I want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up. Not out of depression, just plain tiredness.

I’m at a point of busyness that is making me tired, and yet, there seems to be an endless stream of things that both demand and capture my attention.

I’m looking at these things with a bit of detachment, in a good way, aware that life won’t always be this way.

Where things are with me, health-wise, feels a bit in flux. But it feels as though I’m able to slowly adjust to where I am in a gentle way, without leaping into shame or guilt, but making adjustments along the way.

I have to go get ready for another busy day, but I wish you well. May you see life emerging around you, but not feel compelled to dive into life full steam ahead if you are getting messages from your body to rest. Be gentle with yourself. That’s what I’m trying to say to myself, anyhow.


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