This is your fat on a bike

(That’s supposed to be a play on “this is your brain on drugs.” But maybe that reference is lost on the young people, so here’s a link.)

Comin' right atcha!

Did I mention I bought a bike? It’s the first bike I’ve ever purchased. I don’t think I ever had a new bike before, even as a kid.

This bike is fun. I didn’t exactly mean to choose a pink bike, but it’s the one they had in stock. I might have picked a dark green or a sky blue if I’d had my druthers.

I’ve ridden a few times. I wanted to try to ride to work, about a 4.8 mile ride, but I’ve needed to bring my laptop home with me and don’t feel ready to strap that to my back and ride yet.

4.8 miles would be farther than I’ve probably ever ridden on a bike before, and I’m a little intimidated to try it, but I’m also a stubborn person, and it’s hard to dissuade me once I set my mind to something.

I’m thinking I won’t need to bring my laptop home with me tomorrow, so maybe Thursday will be the day for me to ride to work.

Here are some more photos of me on the bike, with my rockin’ helmet.




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13 responses to “This is your fat on a bike

  1. Amanda

    Ooooh, what a lovely bike! The rear rack should be perfect for carrying your laptop, so you don’t need to get all sweaty from wearing a backpack. Whatever ride you choose, enjoy!

  2. I’m also a cyclist (transpo only, whatever my weight), and read a email discussion list hosted by my local bike coalition. Someone posted a link about biking while fat, that was both bike and fat positive. A few cyclists posted about how they loved bikes, though they were not anywhere near thin, and there were no negative comments. About a year or two back, someone had said something nasty about how maybe if xyz would bike more, they wouldn’t be such a fat-ass, and many, even always skinny people, read her the riot act, and she actually apologized.

    Sorry this comment is so rambling, it’s still early here.

    • Thanks — I think I read something similar, I don’t remember where I saw it. I like the research that says women cyclist like their bodies — I love to do something that’s functional as well as “healthy.” We’re aiming to go down to one car only soon, so it will be interesting to see how often the bike becomes the mode of transport for me (and how often my husband is stuck without a car).

      • RosaMN

        I’m a transportation cyclist too (and, that’s a cute stepthrough – post the deets! It’s like outfit blogging for bike people) and it seems like all the sudden this year I am seeing SO MANY fat women out and about. I used to be so alone! It might just be because I’m on the trail instead of busy streets because my commute changed, but it’s like the quantum leap in women on stepthroughs in regular clothes that happened a few years ago.

        If you’re going to go one-car, you’ll want panniers for sure – not just for sweatiness, but stability and bulk too.

  3. Chutti

    You look so happy on your bike!
    I love the pink, too. I didn’t realize I was getting a bike that exactly matched hubby’s orange one until we got it home. Same thing. Except when we ride together I feel like a german tourist.

    Thanks for inspiring me to get it out and get crackin. We just moved so I haven’t been getting a regular ride on.
    But that smile on yer face makes me wanna play too.

  4. Congrats on the puchase of such a lovely bike! Enjoy. Personally, I hate biking but that doesn’t make me hate on other people for liking it. 🙂

  5. HUnter4086

    I’m glad you have jumped on a bike and are getting a taste of the splendour and awesomeness that can be yours! Regardless of size or self-consciousness or how far they want to go, it would be grand if more people could feel at home on a bicycle…

    In my case so much of my city has opened up to me since getting a bike two years ago – all the nooks and crannies and out-of-the-way places. I bike to the beach after work and to the store for groceries, and to the blackberry patch 10 km away for free treats to make into jam… I don’t drive so a bike has been a life/time-saver.

    Plus i feel stronger.

    Also, kudos for protectin’ your noggin.

    Ride & smile!


  6. RosaMN, I’ll give you the details soon… I bought it at a local bike store as it was outfitted… I’ll ask for the specs.

  7. Regarding the “rockin’ helmet.” All I can say is 1. I’m glad you wear one. 2. You are fortunate your daughter is young. My 14-year-old would never tolerate me wearing a pink floral retro. I am jealous.

    • Debra, my daughter actually helped pick it out. I was leaning toward one that had a bandana pattern in black and white, which I thought looked cooler, less girly and was more fashion forward. But the girl won out.

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