Sneaky Fat Acceptance Finds Home in Local Fest Promotion

I didn’t notice the first few times I looked at the flyer that the woman wearing the yellow and green dress is fat!

And the “vendor” by the booth is, too. I like that the images do sort of represent our neighborhood, demographically. The building in the background is our neighborhood’s hub — the San Francisco Street Bakery. (Okay, something that drives me a little crazy is that it’s actually San Francisco Avenue, not San Francisco St.)

So, maybe I’ll see you there? If you need directions from anywhere in the world, here’s the link from Google Maps. If you want to, let me know how many miles away you are.

This gives me hope that the local movement (including local foods) and size acceptance CAN be friends!



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2 responses to “Sneaky Fat Acceptance Finds Home in Local Fest Promotion

  1. Okay, what I really learned is that because San Francisco starts out going north/south as it leads off of East Bay Drive, it is a street, and it turns into an avenue as it heads east/west. Now it makes sense. They need to just change it to San Francisco Street for the entire length of the road. One thing about where I live is that streets/roads have multiple names and the names change in what I find unexpected ways. I like that quirkiness, but it makes it hard to give/follow directions. Also, now I understand that when I moved here 7 years ago and people would say “I don’t know what the street is called, but you’re going to turn right at the corner with the purple house” why they did that. Also, with all the amazing trees that thrive here, it’s hard to read the small street sign names.

  2. I’m about 80 miles north of you. I love that poster!

    Have fun, enjoy the party. Me? I’ll either be out hiking (ideal) or replacing siding on my house (sigh…………………)

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