Sleepy but Still Here

I never meant to have such a long absence from blogging, but my life has driven a wedge between me and this blog that is hard to get through.

In part, I’m sleeping more, which is a good thing. My energy level seems to dramatically shift throughout the year, and I’m coming to realize that that’s normal for me, or at least how it’s been for most of my 42 years. So, when my energy level drops, I tend to sleep more and have less “extra” time for writing and thinking about writing.

I haven’t stopped reading the fatosphere, though.

Mostly I just want to say I’m fine. Hope you are, too.

For those of you celebrating Passover, I wish you a very happy week. I’m having a nice Passover so far.

Whatever you celebrate this season, I hope it’s happy, and joyful, and hopeful.



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2 responses to “Sleepy but Still Here

  1. Easter . . . then International No Diet Day. . . then Mother’s Day. Look forward to weloming you back when you have time. That will be Quantum Acceptance Day.

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