Good hair day, nice outfit day, not the same day

Here’s what my hair looked like yesterday (thanks to copious amounts of Aveda product):

This is me, trying not to look goofy. Don’t you love the “bracelet?”

This is me, trying to show what my hair looks like, and looking goofy doing it.


And this is what I wore today, with my hair looking not as great (okay, so maybe it’s a subtle difference to the untrained eye, the difference between what I consider a good and bad hair day):

Oh, that annoying black hanger thing-y. Why don't I just cut those off?

What I’m wearing is a black ruffled shrug-like thing that I’ve sewn closed with a button (I bought it at Marshall’s), over a black tank top with back sequins (you can’t really see the sequins, but they are there.) I was wearing earrings and a necklace but I’ve already taken them off by the time I’m having this picture taken after a long day.

I’m wearing a skirt I bought on clearance at Macy’s, I think, a few years back. I don’t often wear it because, to be honest, it’s not at all “slimming.” In fact, it’s the opposite of slimming. It actually makes me look fatter. So I have to be in a very good place, body image-wise, to wear it.

But I got several compliments on this outfit. It has sequins, ruffles, eyelet and big ole boots. The top layer of the skirt is black eyelet, and there’s a white petticoat lining underneath. It’s very fun, and girlish without being girl-y. In fact, every time I wear this skirt, women who I like and admire give me compliments on it. So, even though I think it makes my stomach and hips and butt look bigger, that doesn’t appear to be a bad thing, overall.

Okay, it’s time to get ready for bed. I’m so ready to crawl into bed. It’s been a hard day. A hard week, a hard couple of months, longer really.


Bed bed bed bed beeeeee-eeeeeed

Oh it’s pointless staying up for even twenty seconds more
When everything has happened and there’s nothing else in store
The thing is now to lay my head down, close my eyes, and snore
And so to bed directly I go

And so to bed directly I go*





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3 responses to “Good hair day, nice outfit day, not the same day

  1. i LOVE tmbg…just saying

  2. I really like you in the skirt. And I love your curly hair. When I have a really good hair day, my hair is similar. Unfortunately, living in a cold climate, I suffer from hat hair for at least six months of the year. On goes the hat, flat goes the hair. Sigh.

    Hope you had a good shluf.

  3. I have similarly curly hair–only I live in the desert, so mostly it’s just dry and frizzy. My hair does your good-hair-day thing when I’m on the East Coast where there’s some water in the air.

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