Meet my rhythm

I don’t know how much I’ve mentioned it, other than a few times, but the dance practice (and to some extent, spiritual practice) I identify with most is called “5 Rhythms.” I’m super lucky to live just a few miles from a studio that houses a 5 Rhythms practice, with several expert teachers and guest instructors who come from around the globe to our little burg.

The place I dance and, to a large extent, sweat and leap and study and pray, is Waves Studio, and it’s run by two phenomenal souls. I haven’t been going as often as I like due to schedule conflicts, but I did make it for the Sunday morning class called “Sweat Your Prayers” — for me, it’s 90 minutes of bliss in a congregation of dancers.

Afterward, I asked a friend of mine to take a few pictures of me in the studio as the crew was winding things down. There was no music playing, and I felt a little self-conscious, and I will consider hiring a professional photographer to take some photos of me that would be of a higher quality, but these did give me a glimpse of what I look like when I dance.

I’m a tiny bit afraid of these photos showing up somewhere as a form of ridicule, but when I feel that kind of fear, a fierce part of me takes over and wants to double dog dare myself to do it. So, here they are. And, as my daughter says, “I love everyone, I even love the bullies” — so anyone borrowing these photos in order to make fun — let it be known that you will be met with a fierce love that may alter forever your outlook on life.











There are two I especially like:

This one reflects my soul

I’m a bit afraid that I look like Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn or one of the Ladies from the Ladies Auxiliary for the Classic Dance. Even so, that’s kind of awesome, in a way, too.


Oh, and a small milestone: WordPress tells me that I’ve reached more than 5,000 all-time views. So, enjoy the views!


Can you see the definition on my calf muscle? And my hairy legs? I'm so vain, I know.




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9 responses to “Meet my rhythm

  1. One Grecian uuuurn! I think you should accept your inner Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn and also say “Balzac!” This is awesome, I want an excuse to wear flowy skirts and move around like that! These pictures to me show that you love yourself and I don’t think any negative comments could take away how beautiful and graceful you look!

    • I hearby grant you permission, as an honorary member of the Ladies Auxiliary for the Classic Dance, to put on whatever music allows you to move in a flowy way, and to put on a flowy skirt and scarves and possibly even a nothing more than a tasseled shawl (scandalous!) in your own living room and move around however you would like!
      Thanks for the lovely comment.
      There are some parts of Eulalie I’m willing to embrace, but “Balzac!” isn’t one of them.

  2. Lovely pictures! I especially like the look of bliss on your face in the middle picture, top row.

    I wish you many hours and days and years of wonderful dance!

  3. These are beautiful photos of a beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Joy

    Thanks for calling out Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn–a goddess of the musical theater!

  5. Oh my gosh! There is NOTHING to ridicule! It is such a rare treat to see a fat lady dancing! To see it in photos somehow gives it extra emphasis for me. Thank you for sharing this! I wanna dance so bad, but lack of time and money and space has prevented it from happening. For awhile I was searching for a small dance space to rent for 30 mins a week or so, just to get my ya-yas off, ya know? But then I started my own business and gave up. I still wanna dance, I just don’t know how to make it happen now.
    Love your skirts!

  6. Val

    Followed you over from comments @ Debra’s – I’ll have to admit I was intrigued when you said you had a large BMI but a small butt (forgive the clumsy paraphrase)!

    Anyway, great photos – looks like you & I are (genetically) related, since I carry most of my excess weight in barrel- fashion around my abdomen. I would love to get back into dancing again, but unfortunately at this time I can only manage one extracurricular activity – my ponies. The main reason I keep fighting fat at this point is for THEIR sake 😉

    • I have a friend at work who finds riding to be her inspiration to continue on a particular health-related path.
      Your blog is awesome, too.
      Shout out to all the friggin’ wonderful “apples” — and while we are at it to all those sexy “pears” — all shapes are amazing, and the human body in its myriad of configurations is a fantastic, beautiful and weird thing to behold.

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