My Happy Valentine’s Day Skirt

I wear this skirt every year on Valentine’s Day.

It is a stretchy velour material, and it has an elastic waist. It has fit me at sizes ranging from about 24 to about 16. It’s one of those “thrifted from my own closet” items that every so once in a while I think about putting in the donation pile, but pull it out for another year’s Valentine’s Day.

This year I paired it with boots, a black embroidered T, and these heart-shaped earrings I’ve been wearing nearly every day this month. A heart shaped necklace would have been perfect, but I am waiting to buy a new one that is a mashup of a heart and a Star of David.

I’ve had a pretty nice day, overall. My husband I went out for drinks (me) and pool (him) and were overwhelmed by a guy in the bar who seemed to think we were both “really good people.” We were home before 9:00 p.m.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was nice, too. I send all my lovin’ out to all of you!


a closeup of the earrings and my cheekbones and nose and teeth and other parts of my face.




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