One outfit two ways thrifted from my own closet

I have a closet full of clothes. In part because I tend to hold onto clothes for a long, long time.

Evidence by what I wore today, which was largely made up of clothes I’ve had for at least 7-15 years.

Here’s one way, with me wearing glasses (which I need only for distance, like when I’m driving) at Starbucks this morning:

Here it is from a different, and better angle, without glasses:

The outfit, in terms of what it’s comprised of, is a dress with spaghetti straps that’s at least 15 years old (maybe from Avenue), a black long-sleeved T, and a velour top that I got a Macy’s a decade or so ago, with leggings and boots.

Now, here’s the same look as I’m about to head out for a walk, paired with a Columbia polar fleece zip jacket and my favorite Saucony sneakers:

Here she comes, walking down the street.

Gets the funniest looks from everyone she meets…

Hey hey she’s AcceptanceWoman, and this song doesn’t make any sense.

But she’s too busy jumping, to care whether or not it rhymes…

Enough about me, more about my walk.

I saw signs of spring…

I saw ducks and geese…

And they saw me…

I watched where I was walking, and I saw this cool stuff:

And some goose poop (there was a lot of it around)…








And I saw this tree, which made me very happy:


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