What I wore yesterday and how I am now

Let’s start here, in my friend/colleague’s cube at work.

I like my hair pulled back like this — I rarely wear it this way.

Shrug and pants from Marshalls (both were $12 on clearance — score!)

Top from Lane Bryant

Shoes from Payless — I’ll get a better picture of them another time.

I’m not usually this tall, the boots give me an extra 3 inches but I needed them because the pants have zippers at the bottoms of the legs.

Also — note to self — find something to do with your arms when you have your picture taken.

Note to self #2 — If I were wearing a gray sweater, I would be wearing cubicle camo — and maybe the people making budget cuts won’t see me.

Note to self #3: 24 ounces of beer does not equal a good nights sleep, no matter how delicious it sounds after a tough day. Also, drinking beer with a bitey and rambunctious puppy in one’s lap leads to spilled beer.

Note to self #4 (I’m on a roll): Inner Joan Rivers is a bitch. Don’t listen to her. You don’t unleash her on other people, so keep her the hell away from yourself.

NTS #5: Those are comfortable pants. Wonder if anyone would notice if I wore them again today.

NTS #6: Don’t wear the same item of clothing to work two days in a row.

NTS #7: Remember that you work in shark-infested waters.

NTS #8: It’s okay to daydream about having a job managing a community-based participatory research project focusing on Health at Every Size.

NTS #9: No, there aren’t any such jobs available, and no, you can’t just “write a grant.”

NTS #10: There’s a limit to how many “notes to self” you can write before this gets to be ridiculous. That limit is 5.

Do you have any notes to yourself you want to record here?



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7 responses to “What I wore yesterday and how I am now

  1. There’s a puppy? Is it yours?

    • Oh, yes, there’s a puppy. There is a puppy. She’s puppylicious. Rampuppyctious. You will have to meet her.
      She’s a “mixed breed” — every day we think, “maybe she’s a …….(insert name of breed here)” We got her from the pound. We love her and she is unruly but very, very lovable. She’s now 5 months old.

  2. Note to self: Read this blog more often! Hilarious!

    (Also, I like your shirt)

  3. cindy

    No, there aren’t any such jobs available, and no, you can’t just “write a grant.”

    Maybe there are and you can!

    • I’m on the lookout! Send anything you hear my way!
      I could definitely write a grant, but it kind of needs to be under some sort of auspices of a university or community organization. So, I would be happy to do the work but I need an entity to attach it to.
      But, having a clear definition of what I want to do definitely helps move things in the right direction, so thanks for the encouragement.

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