It’s An Outfit Blog Post!

Below you will find my first ever outfit blog post.

Helpful comments are appreciated.

Unhelpful comments will be unappreciated.

Irrelevant comments will be ignored.

Silly comments will be giggled at.

Mean comments will be ridiculed.

From the bottom up:

Boots by Naturalizer from Zappos

Xhiliration cotton leggings from Target

Skirt from a local boutique (unhelpful, I know) (It’s organic cotton)

Short-sleeved embroidery top from ShopKo a couple of season ago

Jacket from Macy’s about 5 years ago

Purse by Relic from Fred Meyer.




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20 responses to “It’s An Outfit Blog Post!

  1. I think it’s an adorable picture!
    Who is that cutie pie?
    (oh, I’m probably not supposed to comment on my own post).

  2. cindy

    I love it!! V. adorable, thank you for the pic.

    (You don’t happen to have a wide foot width, do you? I really like those boots but my feet, they are wide.)

    • Those are actually a 7.5 wide! Which is why I bought them!
      They are a bit big, length-wise, but width-wise, they fit great. And I have big calves, too and those boots fit great.
      Only downside is that they are lined, so they are very warm. Almost too warm to wear with tights or leggings, so I’ve been pairing them with a skirt over bike shorts.

  3. dominique

    You look really good on that picture. I like the way your boots fit (YAY finding boots for large calves IS possible!) The shape of the skirt is ideal for you. I’d probably chose something cinched a bit more instead of the vest, but it’s just me (I think cinched tops might be gorgous on you). Really love the purse; something with no print on would have left your jacket as the «star of your outfit» though.

    I really like your outfit!

  4. Lisa Baca

    This is an adorable outfit. Not so sexy that you can’t wear it to work, not so dull that it can’t go out on a date. Its very simple and the pieces are coordinated very well. I don’t think I could do the boots, they look so warm! I live in California.

  5. Gorgeous! Love this! My only addition would be a simple necklace of some sort, but other than that you’re rockin’ it, lady! Woo!

  6. Great pic! I love you in those boots!

  7. I covet that jacket and I love the fact you teamed it with that jacket. Pattern mixing for the win!

  8. …oops, sorry. I meant I love the fact you’ve teamed it with that bag. (That’ll teach me to hit ‘send’ without proof reading). I’ll shut up now.

    • I totally got what you meant, and your comment got stuck in the spam filter, so I’m sorry for the delay.
      Please don’t shut up! Tell me more about how fabulous my fashion sense is 🙂 or anything else you have to say.

  9. omg a face!!! You look awesome. And I love your purse.

  10. I know, anyone would think I’m about to keel over at any minute from Class 3 obesity. It’s amazing I can stand. Or that I don’t have a bacon-wrapped deep-fried twinkie on a stick in my mouth.

  11. LibrarianArpita

    I love the boots! Do you know the style name by any chance? I would love to order them for the slushy NY winters.

  12. Your look is well put together and that shy smile with those don’t mess with me boots is intriguing.

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