Outfit blogging = radical act?

I am not a big follower of outfit blogs outside of those on the Fatosphere feed, but I do love how women (and men, I presume) have taken the fashion horse by the reigns and are publicizing their own style. It’s so populist!

I’ve been thinking about outfit blogging for a while, but mostly what stops me is the time needed to do it. I’m in awe of those women who find the time to be their own stylists, secure photographers, and post what they wear and how they wear it. I haven’t read fashion mags in a while (that’s a “lifestyle change” I’ve stuck with — it does tremendously help my health) but I love clothes and what they look like on women who look different from fashion models (not that they aren’t beautiful, but I like diversity in bodies, skin tones, hair, ages, cultures, gendered-ness).

Of course, the other thing that stops me is the lack of anonymity. Yes, there’s a tiny picture of my head that shows up when I post a comment. Yes, there a giant picture of my whole body in a distinctive dress that anyone who knows me would recognize. But there’s something quite intimidating about being so public. Not because of being “publicly fat” but because of being public. I’m worried about my career — not knowing exactly what direction it will take in the future. Sure, it wouldn’t be hard to piece my identity together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if questions about one’s online activities became a regular part of the job hiring process. And I wouldn’t be afraid to disclose what I’ve written. But representing my whole person online, that seems too much for me at the moment.

When something seems to be too much, what usually happens is, the competitive part of me takes over and says, “hell yeah, do that!” But I might want to take a more measured, paced approach in my middle age.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Cautionary tales? Rooting on?



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4 responses to “Outfit blogging = radical act?

  1. Obviously, I can only speak for myself, so for me I outfit blog as a way to say a million things about how I see my body with a picture. Its radical for sure, but in a sneaky sort of way. Im all up in everyones brain without saying too much. Outfit posts are also a way I can contribute to helping others feel better about how they look, or what they wear. I hope people look at photos I post and see that if a size 26/28 woman can wear whatever she damn well wants, well they can to!


    • I love your blog and I was viewing your tutorial on how to make a basic gathered A-line skirt wishing I had the time to do it — you made it look so simple and the skirt looks great on you, especially with the belt. I’m kind of belt-shy, so it’s always great to see how they look on other women.
      I love your style!

  2. It takes a bit of time to do an outfit post, but it’s not a huge investment. Take some photos, edit if necessary (I resize and sometimes crop), upload and write up the post. It requires forward thinking more than anything – the hard part is remembering to bring a camera when your outfit is looking ace.

    I just use my trusty old point-and-click digital camera and my boyfriend acts as photographer (people without such loyal slaves use a tripod). I started posing for outfit photos in the house or in the backyard, though now all my outfit pics are taken outdoors. Usually we’re out somewhere – that’s why I’m wearing such a cute outfit – and when I spot a nice background I pose for a couple of photos.

    If you like, you can smudge or crop your face out of the picture to retain your anonymity.

    I think outfit photos democratise fashion, in a way. I’m a smaller fat, but I still never see my body represented in mainstream fashion. Not only that, but my style is never shown. Fashion magazines are trends based, whereas outfit posts are style based.

    • I love your style — I’m quite a bit older than you but I particularly love how “sporty” your looks are. And vividly colored. Seeing your pictures on the Fatosphere feed always brightens my day.

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