Integrating my Identities

I have much to say on this subject, but as a starting point, I’m going to connect my current username “AcceptanceWoman” to my “old” username, “WellRounded Type 2.” I was reading through my old posts on Xanga and realized that I missed re-reading them from time to time. I used to pay so my Xanga site would be add-free, but I stopped doing that, so there may be very ironic dieting ads there. Annoying, but in a way, funny. It’s like two different perspectives going head-to-head. I am not betting that I’ll win, but I do hope the irony will be delicious. Also, I think that there are some people who have spammed my comments section, so ignore anything that looks like it’s not legit.

So, here’s the link to my Xanga site, in case there’s anyone who only knows me as “AcceptanceWoman” when my less-mild-mannered-alter-ego’s web site sits idle.

WellRounded Type2’s Xanga Site.

Here are some of the favorite things I wrote there, most recent first:

Between a Rock and a Hungry Place

Lucky to Be

Promises, Promises

The “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me” Dance

Twenty Year Old Poems

TMI (don’t say I didn’t warn you), and, on a related note, Reversible

The Very Strange Day

Moving the Scale (and, er, uh, it’s still in the bathroom, a year and a half later)


What Do I Want to Eat?

Seven Infrequently Asked Questions

A Tiny Triumph

Gotta Dance

And here are posts I wrote about having a miscarriage, in chronological order:

Sadness, Grief, In Good Company

What It’s Like Right Now

Reflections, Aftermath

Recovery Room

A Bad Case of the 40s

Still and Probably Forevermore

So, sorry to release a “Greatest Hits” post (not literally “greatest hits,” as in most web site hits, but as in my favorites). There are also other things I like that I wrote over at “Angry Gray Rainbows” — which I haven’t written on in a while but is a fabulous site with writing by SassyBlonde and AngryGrayRainbows.

Thanks for tuning in for re-runs!


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