Quiet, with a chance of rain

I’m sitting in the kitchen, finishing a cup of coffee, enjoying the quiet. It’s my little girl’s first day of kindergarten, and I’m not feeling sentimental or sad, more just proud of all of us, her, me, her aunt, her dad, everyone who helped us get to this moment — that we’ve made it. It feels like the closing and opening of another book in the series.

She’s amazing, my girl. She’s this amazing bundle of so much good stuff and powerful stuff. She is just bursting with love at the moment, all hugs and kisses and declarations of love. She’s filled with questions like “are people sad when they die?” and “if there are planets around the sun, how come they don’t block it?” I can truly say I’ve never loved anyone with the intensity that I love her.

My parents are visiting, and I did a bit of “bait-and-switch” — said I would go with them to Trader Joe’s and at the last minute, send them with my husband instead so I could just soak up the quiet of this morning. I’m taking the week off of work, what with the start of Kindergarten and Rosh Hashanah and my parents visiting. I’m glad I did. Little thoughts about work keep creeping back in.

I have much to say about fatness, really I do, but right now, I think that the family is back, in time to unload the groceries before picking up at school. So, this brief check-in is over. But I hope to be back.


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  1. silentbeep

    I’ve been thinking about your blog lately, glad to see this update!

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