Who do I think I am? A comedian?

I posted a comment on Shapely Prose stating that I thought that the “tea party” women who claim to be feminists might want to consider this word as a better fit: “Femininist.” Meaning, defending their concept of “femininity.” I am partial to womanist, myself.

I realize, cognitive dissonance requires cognition. So, no cognition, no dissonance.

Does anyone else see a box of tacks and want to shout “attack! attack!”?

My little girl was looking for a small paperback book that was on her bed, with the bedspread covering it so it was obscured. She was starting to get upset and cried “Where’s Sleeping Beauty?” and I said “the bed ate it” as I located the book for her.

We have a small number of small ants in our house. Mostly driving in by the rain. Little girl was sitting next to her aunt and said “Auntie, there’s an ant on you.” “That’s why they call her ‘Ant-y’ ” I said.

I didn’t used to like clowns. I thought they were creepy. But now, I think a very skilled clown is something that could be useful in many situations, especially those involving children. And people who take themselves too seriously.

That’s it for now, folks. Take it easy.


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