How did the “not dieting” go?

Maybe every day is no diet day for you, but for me, there are times when I’m more influenced by external food rules than others. What I noticed yesterday were all of the things that have an influence on me that don’t have to do with dieting but with other “food rules.” Here’s what I noticed:

  • I had my favorite foods several times (wheat toast with earth balance margarine at breakfast and dinner, a few mini-size snickers bars).
  • I was resistant to eating when I wasn’t hungry (I ate lunch at 2 p.m.).
  • I didn’t eat or drink exactly what I wanted because it wasn’t convenient (I had left it in the car). I didn’t really want to eat anything else instead, so I tolerated some hunger.
  • When I “held out” for exactly what I wanted (the mini-snickers bars in the trunk rather than the roasted unsalted almonds in my desk drawer), it tasted even better.
  • I really like coconut.
  • I didn’t want to eat dinner twice, because I wanted to be hungry for the amazing food I knew was waiting for me at home, so I waited to eat dinner at 11 p.m. It was incredibly tasty (tuna steaks in homemade tomato sauce and Indian spices over brown rice, with fresh toasted slices of desem loaf from our corner bakery and the most delicious margarine in the world). I ate more a bit beyond the point of fullness, but not too far beyond it for comfort. I shared some dessert from the bakery that had been picked up at the same time, a bit of chocolate cake and half a huge chocolate covered macaroon.
  • My blood sugar is not good this morning. This isn’t because of the “not dieting,” it’s because of the timing of dinner. Usually, if I do something in the evening that delays dinner, it’s dance, and it doesn’t delay dinner as long or leave me for such a long time without eating. I might be ravenously hungry when I get home from dance, but my blood sugar is usually fantastic the next day because of the vast amount of activity. So, lesson learned is this: don’t wait to eat dinner until 11 p.m. And, once the sun is up, a walk this morning will bring my blood sugar back to the acceptable range.


It was an incredibly busy day yesterday — took little girl to preschool/daycare (and wanted to stay and play), went to work, went to the doctor for a quick visit to address an acute problem, went back to work, went to a meeting, went to the library to return/renew/find new books, went to pick up little girl and take her to a park playdate, went directly from the park to see a student production of Les Misérables at a local high school (I hadn’t seen it before — wow! What a feat for a not-very-large high school’s theater department to pull off extremely well), helped little girl fall asleep, ate dinner, romped around a bit, went to sleep for four hours or so. Busy days like this make me hungry. I’m glad I wasn’t dieting!

While dieting isn’t something I’m interested in, a more regular eating schedule might be. Usually, I eat breakfast a bit late (9 a.m. or so), lunch even later (1:30-2:30 p.m.), a late afternoon snack usually containing fruits or vegetables, and dinner around 7 p.m. — when possible.


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