The Power of Outfitblogging

Yesterday, I had some interesting, savory and tasty food for thought at my weekly therapy session. One part of it had to do with this essay from Salon by Rusty McMann, “Confessions of a Call Bear” that was passed on to me, highlighting this quote:

Allow me to let you in on one of the dirty little secrets of human sexuality: Hardly anyone (except for the very stupid and very lazy) has ever accepted the ideals of beauty and/or desirability as set forth by their respective cultures’ Fashionable Intelligence. And for every type of attraction, there is a market to be tapped.

This was passed on to be because it’s kind of an unspoken truth that most bright people understand, especially as they age. So, what are the “ideals of beauty and/or desirability as set forth by… Fashionable Intelligence”? This takes my brain to something (the beautiful and brillian) Stacy Bias said (and also reminds me of much of what I’ve read by Shannon Barber on Nudemuse, treasure of the blogosphere she is) — the enforcement of these ideals (and denying the truth stated above) leads to shame, which fuels our participation in capitalism. We must buy products to comply with these ideas and commodify ourselves. Ironic, because Rusty McMann is able to commodify himself quite successfully by owning the truth. Of course, he is his own boss.

The other thing was that I spent a little time talking about the skirt I was wearing, similar to the one I wrote about here. It looks a bit like this one. And how I’ve been taking a bit more chances, fashion-wise, lately. My therapist, who has told me before that he’s impressed by my fashion sense and style, said he could imagine me designing clothing in the future. Which is laughable, in some ways, I think I’m more of an ideas than an “ideas to reality” person, but I can certainly provide a market for clothes like these that fit a range of sizes, are “sustainable” and locally made.

I’m so inspired and encouraged by all the outfit bloggers out there, of all styles and sizes, who give me ideas and make me challenge my “fashion rules.” I used to obsessively match my clothes, but now I’m more likely to explore color combinations and not always go with what is the most “flattering” in terms of clothes being “slimming.”

I may start occasional outfit blogging. My biggest barrier is trying to find a place to take a picture (I can probably get my husband to snap one of me when I need it). That, and the bravery required. But there are a few outfits I particularly love and would like to share. I try to balance my consumerism when it comes to fashion with my love of play and craft and creativity and pretty colors.

Gotta go play outside now. I hope your day is full of the kind of truths above that challenge conventional wisdom and de-commodify your world.


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