My first clothing review – Shabby Knapsack — a real one size

I was shopping at the Portland Saturday Market, not shopping really as much as looking, and I saw the coolest looking wrap skirts made from recycled clothing and fabric. I was skeptical that they would fit me, they were so chic looking, but I tried one on, and since they are made to be wrapped around several times, it fit beautifully.

The maker’s name is Shabby Knapsack. In a way I took to be genuine, as I tried the skirt on over my lightweight dress and pants, the person selling to me said, it looks great on you, but once I got it home, I decided she was right. I’ve been getting comments on the skirt — it’s whimsical — in a way that I like.

Because of the way the wrap skirt is designed, it can definitely accommodate a very wide range of sizes. I like that it’s somewhat bulky and not “slimming” but also isn’t so full that it is hard to move around in. The fabrics included in mine are some stretchy denim that forms nicely. It’s also nice to feel like I have new clothes made out of old clothes. I have some things in my own closet saved for this exact purpose. I’m a terrible seamstress, I’m too impatient and imprecise, but it’s not that I don’t enjoy sewing. Someday, I’ll post a picture of the dress I made from recycled t-shirts — it doesn’t look anywhere near as finished as I would like. I’m just not in a place in my life to have much time to spend on crafting.


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